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Sego Lily Bakery's story

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Our story starts before we even met each other. We both grew up baking and cooking as children. At just 10 years old, Devan made his first pie all on his own, a delicious lemon meringue. Nicole comes from a long line of bakers and learned to make bread from her mother. Starting at only 8 years old, Nicole would also bake and decorate her own birthday cakes. Fast forward to high school, our paths finally crossed and we fell in love. We spent many evenings baking and cooking with and for each other.

We have now been married 13 years and our love of being together in the kitchen has only grown. We often choose to stay in and cook together for date night, and love experimenting with new ideas. We have also started passing on our love of baking to our own children and are thrilled with how excited they are to help us bake treats for friends and family. Starting this home bakery together has been such a fun adventure for us. It has been wonderful sharing our creations with so many incredible people. Our goal is to make sure that every gourmet cake, macaron, and cookie from Sego Lily Bakery shows the love and care we feel for each creation and customer.


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